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Quai 22 – the city reinvented

This area will be a great place to work, take it easy and unwind. The location, known as ‘Quai 22’, with its mix of city life, water and nature, will be situated on the banks of the river Deûle in the European Metropolis of Lille.

Housing in the future

No aspect of housing has been spared, they are all being reinvented in accordance with three overarching principles: housing that is agile and custom-built, housing that is shared and open to the rest of the city, and housing that is sustainable and resilient.

New campus models for a learning society

Campuses are transmuting under the effects of the digital revolution; the push for sustainable development; greater flows of people, goods and information in the wake of globalization; evolving economic and governance models; higher demand for lucrative degrees; and more competitive labour markets – forces that are also changing the means of education and the makeup of students.

Ageing well at home

The ageing population is not a new topic, but due to the acceleration and scale of the phenomenon over the coming ears, we must study this challenge and analyse its consequences for the housing supply.

Digital Cities, Human Design

With the digital ecosystem, we are transitioning to a new paradigm which is revolutionising our economic models, our lifestyle, and our habits. New opportunities are opening up for us in different areas such as shared usage, mobility, energy, citizen involvement, and community living.