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Monday January 29th, 2018

Bordeaux Métropole Arena – a project for the whole region

The Bordeaux Métropole Arena was above all a shared project. The members of the design, construction & operation consortium were Lagardère Live Entertainment, the Rudy Ricciotti Agency, and Bouygues Bâtiment Centre Sud-Ouest. The three partners pooled their expertise to make the hotly anticipated venue in the region a reality.  

A local and social project

Priority was given to local employment, with nearly 80% of the companies involved in the construction site based in Nouvelle Aquitaine. The project also took on social commitments, with 35% of work packages awarded to SMEs and 18,000 working hours given to professional integration schemes, making Bordeaux Métropole Arena a firmly local effort. For example, a section of the formwork specially designed for the shell of the building was donated to the skate park in the Espace Darwin. The construction site also had the honour of holding the third annual Rallye des Pépites in 2016.

A living space

Bordeaux Métropole Arena is more than just a venue. The arena is also intended to be a meeting space with a 3,000 m² exterior courtyard opening onto the Garonne River, a 2,200 m² hall, and a restaurant bursting with local produce.   Over 100 events have already been scheduled for the upcoming year, with a wide range of events ranging from concerts to ballet and shows. Residents from the region will enjoy an eclectic range of events and the new arena will help put Bordeaux on the map.

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Bouygues Construction – A partner of the 2018 Maddy Keynote

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