Citybox®: the intelligent public lighting network

Cities and local authorities need to be able to manage their services and public lighting expenses while also providing new digital services. To meet this need, Bouygues Energies & Services has developed Citybox®.

Citybox® is a unique patented solution that meets 3 needs:

  • improvements in the energy performance of a public lighting network by reducing electricity consumption,
  • reactive network management through real-time remote management of the operation of the deployed services,
  • the possibility of deploying low-cost digital services (such as Wi-Fi, video surveillance, sound systems, and festive illuminations).

This solution, integrated at the base of street lights or on facades, transforms the lighting network into a communicative intelligent infrastructure. In particular, it modulates lighting according to the weather, the time of day, the neighbourhood, and maintenance needs.

Thanks to Citybox®, the city also becomes:

  • greener, l’éclairage s’adaptant au rythme de vie des habitants,
  • safer, through the possibility of deploying a video surveillance system,
  • more communicative, with new digital services like Wi-Fi
  • more lively, with innovative sound systems and festive illuminations.

Alain Lagarde, Deputy Mayor of Tulle

With this high-speed public Wi-Fi network, we can make the most out of our existing infrastructure, and optimise our investment costs by using the lighting network. It provides a more comfortable lifestyle and vitalizes the community at the local and regional scale. It's a real showcase of the proper modern management of urban environments.