City.Play: a collaborative city redefined by Bouygues Construction

Bouygues Construction is convinced that the cities of tomorrow will be built with and for their users, and is reaffirming its ambition by making City.Play the basis for its strategy of being an overall urban operator. A focus on this approach, which rethinks cities and places collaboration at the heart of urban planning.
  • ABC Grenoble

    ABC Grenoble ©Valode et Pistre Architectes

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  • Quai 22

    Quai 22 Lille ©ANMA Architectes 

A Bouygues Construction, a responsible and committed operator in the construction of our cities 

The current health crisis is uncovering the flaws in the design of our cities and our housing. It is raising questions about urban density, sharing space and what place there is for nature. The remote working revolution triggered by confinement could also encourage business activity outside major cities.

Building towns of the future together

This is why Bouygues Construction is convinced, now more than ever, that the cities of tomorrow must be designed together with their users, so that “we can build tomorrow together.”
City.Play was introduced to the Bouygues Group a few years ago through the use of fun tools such as serious games. It has gone on to become the basis for Bouygues Construction's urban planning. The aim is to design and develop more resilient, more inclusive and more intelligent cities.

People are the driving force behind urban development

How can we help residents become key players in the life of their neighbourhood? How can we facilitate and support the creation of social ties? City.Play is a concrete response to these challenges. Residents know their own region the best, not only in terms of its strengths but also in terms of its weaknesses. They are the ones who live and work there. 

Innovative solutions designed by Bouygues Construction and devoted to this original approach

Bouygues Construction offers a range of entertaining, digital and manifest solutions to transform our cities and make citizens designers, operators users and residents get involved.
This can involve:
  • Perspectives workshops, to contribute to the thought processes of a local authority
  • Serious games, to develop a project jointly with its end-users
  • Artists’ renditions: unique hybrid locations, to create a future community of users 
  • Entrepreneurship: an incubator for citizen projects, in order to promote the emergence of ultra-local initiatives
With the support of a network of partners (institutions, businesses, universities and associations), these solutions can help cities achieve their transformation projects. 
Because “we can build tomorrow together”, the Group has already supported numerous transformation projects regionally, both in France and abroad. 

City.Play arose from the desire to create tools that would respond to citizens’ growing ambition to take part in the processes involved. As we have seen in our demonstrators Hôtel-Dieu in Rennes and La Maillerie in Lille, and for a much longer time in Switzerland, it works! This is why we wanted to make it so much more than just an ancillary approach alongside conventional processes, and make it the basis for our strategy of being an overall urban operator.

Key figures

of the world's population currently lives in cities


of the world's population will live in cities by 2050