K-Ryole:The electric trailer making life easier on construction sites

Effortlessly transporting up to 450 kg of materials is now possible on Bouygues Bâtiment France Europe construction sites thanks to the K-Ryole electric trailer. With its motor and load cell, this innovation makes transporting heavy loads easier for employees and improves safety on our construction sites.


What is K-Ryole? 

To begin with, K-Ryole was an electric trailer designed to make life easier for professionals in urban areas. The trailer could be pulled by any bike and could carry up 250 kg of material. This first model was the result of a collaboration between teams at K-Ryole and the Department for Innovation and Sustainable Development at Bouygues Construction. It was tested on three Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France construction sites so that user feedback could then be taken into consideration. 

Health, safety and productivity on construction sites 

An employee spends about 1 hour 30 minutes per day moving materials, which can at times be quite heavy. Thanks to the K-Ryole’s technology and size, this time can be divided by 8, resulting in increased productivity and much less strain for employees. 
K-Ryole can be quickly attached to any bike without the need for tools. The trailer is very self-sufficient, and can be used throughout the day and be recharged at night. 

Chariot Kross - an additional aid for heavier loads  

Why stop at 250 kg? K-Ryole wanted to go even further in making life easier on Bouygues Construction building sites. The Chariot Kross model is a manual electric trolley for transporting everything anywhere effortlessly. This fully manual, off-road and unbreakable model can carry a maximum load of 450 kg. With a width of 85 cm and a length of 120 cm, this puncture-proof aid can be used on all types of uneven terrain. 


The objective of this collaboration? To adapt our technology for canceling traction efforts to the world of construction. Our first product, the K-Ryole, an intelligent electric trailer for bikes, was intended for those involved in urban logistics. With this collaboration, we are now putting our technology at the service of the world of construction.

Key figures

kg transported


times less distance travelled