Officity:Current and future office challenges

93 % of digital natives no longer want a conventional office!
With relaxation areas, work rooms, roaming and cutting-edge connectivity, the office is being transformed to meet the expectations of employees for whom improving the living environment in the workplace is a real challenge.

Offices 2.0: new expectations, new challenges

Together with now obligatory CSR policies and employees' expectations of a better quality of life at work and greater comfort, the challenges of Office 2.0 are already at the heart of new ways of thinking about how work is organised.

Rethinking a business today means reorganising the premises. Hyper-connected, bespoke, environmentally responsible and flexible are just some of the challenges Bouygues Construction has taken on board in the creation of Officity.

Officity, innovation by Bouygues Construction dedicated to offices

Bouygues Construction has combined innovations and best practices in Officity, a programme where partnerships play vital part.

In this approach to the office building, human beings are given pride of place at the heart of a living ecosystem. We are strongly committed to supporting our customers in carrying out and enriching their projects. Officity creates a virtuous social dynamic that contributes to the development and improvement of commercial property.

Key figures

% of “digital natives” no longer want a traditional office

— ESSEC Real Estate & Sustainable Development Chair


% of french staff believe that the work space has a significant impact upon their output

— Actineo / CSA