Energies and services

From energy to industry, through digital and services

With subsidiaries specialising in the energy and services sectors, Bouygues Construction is able to offer solutions and services in the public infrastructure, construction and industrial domains. 
We can offer our expertise at any stage, from engineering to production and operation, for the benefit of infrastructural work on energy networks, public lighting and digital networks as well as electrical, mechanical or thermal engineering and facility management.
Bouygues Construction is joining the energy, digital and industrial transitions with its innovations: smart city, Alizé, Citybox, smart grid and smart survey.





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An expert in energy performance and services, Bouygues Energies & Services offers its customers and their users a more straightforward, comfortable, economical and responsible lifestyle.

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Bouygues Energies & Services InTec, a subsidiary of Bouygues Construction, is a Swiss company with over 90 locations spread throughout the country. The company comprises several subsidiaries with various geographic and thematic specialisations.

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Solutions for the Future. As a versatile partner for industry and the energy sector, The Kraftanlagen Group is building state-of-the-art plant technology throughout Europe. It offers sustainable custom solutions and services the entire value chain.

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