Fab Lab Offers

To highlight educational innovation

Developing new learning methods

Faciliter la rencontre avec des espaces de création

Inspiring employee creativity and creating a new department at the company

Soutenir la créativité et créer du lien social

Strengthening relationships in an innovative neighbourhood

FabLabs by the Numbers

Fab Labs worldwide
Fab Labs in France
Emergence of the Fab Lab concept


Our Vision

We customise our vision to each office, blending construction, energy, services, well-being and urban integration to deliver optimal added value for our clients.
By working with an extensive ecosystem of partners – start-ups, SMEs, major French and international corporations – we:

  • Optimise our clients’ tangible value (product knowledge, market expertise, understanding of client needs)
  • Optimise the office’s intangible (practical) value (mobility services, well-being, space planning).

Notre vision s’appuie sur le savoir-faire de Bouygues Construction en termes de bâtiment connectés et serviciels flexibles, robustes et moins coûteux.