Garden Cities Offers

Re-establishing social ties

Through community gardens, educational gardens, urban pastures, volunteer gardens, vertical forests, company-run gardens, etc.

Use an outdoor space for professional purposes

Contribute to the improved well-being of employees and increase the intangible value of your building

Re-establishing social ties

Urban farms, food-producing neighbourhoods, productive gardens, vertical farms, productive roof gardens, hydroponic greenhouses, etc.

Garden cities by the numbers

Surface area set aside for urban agriculture initiatives in the greater Paris region
Surface area that Paris will dedicate to urban agriculture by 2020
Estimated revenue generated by the 33 projects selected as part of the Parisculteurs call for proposals
of private, undeveloped land in Paris identified by the APUR as potential sites for urban agriculture


Our Vision

The incorporation of nature and agriculture within an urban setting is the result of major changes in cities and society as a whole. It has led to new expectations among our clients, and Bouygues Construction stands ready to provide them with solutions. Today, elected officials are striving to bolster their cities’ appeal. To accomplish this, administrators must provide their companies and residents with facilities that are more flexible, accessible, sustainable, and innovative. Our goal is to design eco-neighbourhoods that are ever more beneficial to people, the environment, and the local economy. Social housing partners and private investors are striving to deliver services that meet users’ expectations, which are increasingly geared towards promoting biodiversity, health, and well-being. Companies are reassessing their management practices in an effort to improve productivity by bringing nature into the office environment itself. Schools are developing educational tools to raise awareness about sustainable development and empower children as early as possible. We have worked with sociology experts, companies, and grassroots organisations to bring you our analysis of the insights urban agriculture can provide into changing behaviours and new urban lifestyles.