Farming in Urban Neighbourhoods

Diversify your programme by building an Urban Farm

A comprehensive project for developing the local economy

Create synergies between users and other neighbourhood features

Include one in a project to enhance the site’s value while also providing a aesthetically pleasing and tranquil view for new housing units

Make your neighbourhood stand out

Bouygues Construction Projects

EOLE Evangile

The Éole Évangile project, an exceptional property located in north-eastern Paris, is home to a mixed-use development with 34,000 sq. meters of housing, hotels, hostels, modular offices, and shops, as well as a living lab, co-working space and incubator specialising in environmental innovation. At the centre of this flourishing site is a 6,500-sq. meter garden that shapes the identity of this new Parisian hub, influencing all the different ways the space is used in this mixed-use project. This green belt, the project’s central feature, includes 3,800 sq. meters of public gardens, 2,000 sq. meters of green roofs, private gardens, family kitchen gardens and more. These green spaces in Paris’ first zero-carbon neighbourhood blend seamlessly with sustainable architecture featuring low-carbon concrete and wooden façades.


Located on the banks of the Eure river, the Noës eco-village project promotes social diversity through 98 individual and collective social housing units and social access housing units. The diverse group of residents has access to shared programmes and services: a municipal daycare, on-site composting with organic waste collection and a compost area, a gardener’s shed managed by a social integration association that lends tools and advises residents, and more. This diversity project consists of three Eco-hamlets, each with their own town centre, a community meeting place with organic family gardens. The eco-village engages with the town through its organic orchards that are managed by a social integration company; the harvest is sold at the eco-village’s central market.

Eva Lanxmeer Agro-Neighbourhood: Created and Designed by Users

Bottom-up design and construction

  • The neighbourhood was developed and supported by representatives of future residents
  • Organic farm with orchards available to residents for an annual fee
  • Green spaces designed to solve planning issues: a ban on underground construction led to the need to create cool and dark areas
  • 15 hectares of green spaces in the neighbourhood

Agrocité: A Grassroots Experimental Laboratory
for Urban Farming

A community urban ecology initiative

  • Converting an empty lot in the city
  • Supporting grassroots ecological initiatives
  • Offering educational and cultural activities
  • One area is reserved for agriculture and natural spaces, another is reserved for community agriculture
  • Agrolab: a place for experimentation and organic intensive agricultural production
  • Co-op afé and community bread oven