Garden Offices

Improve well-being with Garden Offices

Make the most of some overlooked spaces in your building like the roof and outdoor areas to give your employees a one-of-a-kind place to work

Make anywhere a garden office and use the solar-panel roof to power outlets and Wi-Fi

Increase employee productivity by giving them an innovative meeting area

Improve quality of life to boost employee motivation and reduce absenteeism by 40% on average

Bouygues Construction Projects

Garden Offices in Challenger

Innovative offices with a usage rate of roughly 90%

Quality of life at work is the number-two motivating factor for the French workforce. Garden offices are a veritable vector for social bonding between employees and promote a harmonious workplace, contributing to the well-being of employees, tranquillity at work and stimulation of creativity. They allow for a rooftop terrace, professional use of exterior space, a calm workspace and stimulating, innovative meeting spaces.

Garden Offices are a product of the Gally Group, built in partnership with Bouygues Construction.

The Innovation Village:
The Largest Indoor Vertical Garden An indoor vertical garden

Indoor vertical garden

so you can breathe easier:

  • A breath of fresh air indoors
  • Arranged as two vertical gardens
  • 320 sq. meters of garden
  • 50 plant species
  • 4,500 plants

City of Architecture and Heritage: A Gardening Club Geared towards Social Interaction

A rooftop community garden

for more social interaction

  • Monitoring and management with our Fermes de Gally partners
  • Encourage employee socialisation and improve well-being
  • A vertical garden combined with three herb beds
  • Two hives and an insect farm
  • Educational workshops teach people of all skills levels about the joys of gardening
  • A gardening club with set rules for the employees to follow

Pasonagroup: A Vertical Farm
to Feed Employees

A farm in the office

tended by and for employees

  • 4,000 sq. meters of organic crops
  • A 150 sq. meter rice field producing up to 150 kg per year
  • Hydroponic gardening
  • Over 200 fruit and vegetable species
  • Produce is used in the company cafeteria
  • Better air quality
  • Increased employee productivity and reduced absenteeism