Innovation at the Heart of our DNA

At Bouygues Construction, innovation is everybody's responsibility, whatever their business area or territory. An R&D mindset, encouraged at each step in our projects, allows us to anticipate needs and develop our internal skills with a common objective: shaping a better life.

Innovation at the Heart of our DNA

Led by our Sustainable Construction and Innovation Department, innovation is at work in all of our businesses, whether it be improving the performance of our materials and equipment, executing our projects with a focus on safety and quality, or reducing our environmental impact.

A committee in charge

Innovations such as 3D modelling, next-generation insulating cement and robot drillers are at the heart of our R&D committee's work. It focuses its research on forward-looking solutions that can optimize our production processes and improve the performance of our buildings. This committee is a true catalyst of the group's talents, choosing priority work themes, forming teams around these projects, giving them the necessary resources, and setting clear delivery dates for them. No good ideas are left untouched. They are developed, implemented, and adapted. The committee also determines which managers will be in charge of developing innovation around the set themes. Currently our research efforts focus on two main areas:

  • sustainable construction
  • and the strategic approaches of each of our different business areas.


A constant concern

At Bouygues Construction, innovation happens at every step along the way in our projects, from sales and design to construction. Our teams are fully active throughout the year. Every two years, our "Innovation Competition" brings employees together from all backgrounds to share their experiences and further develop certain themes such as positive-energy buildings, the sustainable construction index, and more. The objective: concretely advance innovation together.


Creative teams

We innovate throughout the year thanks to the creative energy of our teams. Innovation is an integral part of our identity, and is carried and deployed by all of our employees. Whatever their place may be within the Group, they commit individually and collectively to finding ways to continually make construction more sustainable and efficient. As a testament to their involvement: during the 2014 Bouygues Construction Innovation Competition, 889 entries were submitted from more than 2,000 employees from many different business lines.