How do we think about regions in a changing world? This question is asked every day at Bouygues Construction as part of being an increasingly open, mobile and digital company. Our teams design, build and manage buildings with the goal of contributing to the creation of sustainable, progressive, vibrant and inclusive regions, as well as ensuring these regions are adapted to lifestyles subject to constant transformation. Our teams do not create these projects alone. Every day, open innovation and co-design drive their daily work and that of our partners and stakeholders.   Facilitating the circulation of ideas, innovation and experimentation to create the regions of tomorrow. We need to anticipate any future challenges for and uses of regions in order to better design, model and construct them for the future. This blog brings together our vision, analysis, monitoring and prospective work related to the construction of neighbourhoods, the city and the energy and transport infrastructures which feed them, as well as the thoughts of our clients, partners and external experts. This blog is also a place for discussing ideas with those who live in these areas – the people who reside there, work and travel there, etc. So, let’s get talking!
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