Non-financial performance

Non-financial performance

We have made commitments within the framework of our sustainable development strategy. Therefore, the key indicators must be monitored on a regular basis in order to measure progress.

Non-financial performance

In order to ensure regular monitoring of the progress, we check the development of extra-financial indicators. Indeed, a working group consisting of a representative from each Bouygues Construction entity and managed by the Sustainable Development department has developed an indicator reference system on environmental, social and societal matters. As part of a continuous improvement process, the working group is continuing its work in order to improve the scope of indicators.


  • Environment and sustainable construction
    • In 2015, 72% of all accepted orders for buildings with a commitment to earning certification or labelling.
    • 48% of the R&D expanditures on sustainable construction.


  • Customers and partners
    • 2 466 suppliers and/or contractors have undergone a CSR evaluation.
    • 75% of purchasing expenditures conform to CSR criteria.
    • 90% of activity covered by ISO 14001-certified EMS.


  • Local commitment and community aid
    • 467 partnerships with charitable organisations.
    • €2.9 M allocated to sponsorship in 2015.
    • 885,434 hours of professional training


  • Respect and development of employees
    • 11% of women managers in the Group.
    • A workplace accident frequency rate of 4.6 for all employees.
    • 39% of training hours delivered to Group employees in 2015 were devoted to helth and safety

Extra-financial indicators

-    2015 indicators (PDF)

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