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A joint venture between CapitaLand (one of the largest real estate companies in Asia), CapitaLand Commercial Trust and Mitsubishi Estate Co. Ltd. awarded a design-build contract to Dragages Singapore, Bouygues Construction’s subsidiary in Singapore, in July 2017 for a new integrated development. Reaching a height of 280 metres, the...
WWF and its partner, Bouygues Construction, invite major players from the city to share current experiments on innovative solutions for sustainable cities
A28 motorway concession
The Bouygues Construction Group sold its stake in ALIS (Autoroute de Liaison Seine-Sarthe) to PGGM on September 28, 2015.
Cambridge Assessment-Eric Parry Architects
Cambridge Assessment, which is responsible for the operation and management of Cambridge University’s examination boards, has awarded Bouygues UK, the British subsidiary of Bouygues Construction, a contract worth €165 million (£120 million) to design and build its new international headquarters, to be called The Triangle.
Sewage tunnels in Qatar
The Qatar Public Works Authority has awarded two contracts for the design and construction of sewage tunnels to Bouygues Travaux Publics (a subsidiary of Bouygues Construction), in partnership with a local contractor, UrbaCon Trading & Contracting. The two contracts are worth approximately €550 million, of which Bouygues Travaux...
Marie-Luce Godinot
Marie-Luce Godinot has been appointed Director of Innovation and Sustainable Development for Bouygues Construction.


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