This is how we have always advanced.
It’s our culture
  • But today, the complexity of the environmental, economic and social challenges that we are facing demands that our innovation is fully shared.
  • Open spirit,


  • And the desire to share,


Active throughout
the entire value chain
of construction

Business Sectors

A multilocal Group

Bouygues Construction is a global player in construction, with operations in more than 80 countries. It designs, builds and operates projects in the sectors of building, infrastructure and industry. As a responsible and committed leader in sustainable construction, Bouygues Construction sees innovation as its primary source of added value, benefting its customers, employees and partners.

Our Businesses

Increasing urbanisation and environmental issues are creating ever greater construction needs. A range of challenges – eco-design, BIM, sustainable cities, smart infrastructure and homes, energy efficiency – constantly redefine the know-how that we have to draw on. As a global player, Bouygues Construction seizes the opportunities provided by technological advances to constantly modernise its businesses. Its expertise over the entire value chain of the construction sector enables it to furnish its customers with increasingly competitive solutions for mounting and successfully concluding the most complex projects.

  • Building

    • 26,150


    • 58%

      of Group sales

    • 47%

      of Group orders

  • Civil works

    • 9,720


    • 23%

      of Group sales

    • 31%

      of Group orders

  • Énergies et services

    • 12,670


    • 19%

      of Group sales

    • 22%

      of Group orders

  • Concessions

    • 890*


    • 645M€

      of revenues

    • *of whom 23 are included in the consolidated workforce.
  • Shared

  • Innovating with and for our customers

  • Innovating with and for our employees and our partners

  • Innovating with and for society