What lies ahead? 7 megatrends and their influence on construction, real estate and urban development

20 minutes of reading
We live in an uncertain world, beset by a global pandemic, a growing number of natural disasters, widespread inflation, the return of war to Europe, geopolitical tensions and more all posing their own challenges. How can we anticipate and adapt quickly to changes in the world and in society? How can we better prepare for future crises?
real estate megatrends
With this in-depth analysis of current megatrends and the associated risks, the Bouygues Construction Strategic Foresight team invites you to explore the major trends that are shaping our societies as a whole, and to gain a better understanding of their influence on the sectors involved in building towns and cities and developing regions.   So as to offer as complete a picture as possible, this document also sets out the transitions that have been implemented (major actions to counter or accompany these megatrends), which are having an impact on the future of construction, real estate and urban planning. This is followed by a series of ideas on the challenges and solutions involved in designing, building, rehabilitating and developing towns and cities differently. The philosopher Maurice Blondel wrote, “The future cannot be predicted, it must be planned.” Through a global and systemic approach, we are presenting seven megatrends which will help us envisage the challenges and ruptures of tomorrow and prepare for the future. We all need to understand what lies ahead, so that we can adapt the way we build our towns and cities to the changing face of society. Enjoy your reading!
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