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What if work sites were directly managed by thought in the future?

Bruno Marlzoff
Forward thinking

Tuesday January 14th, 2020


“Mobility and urbanism, what vision for tomorrow?”, opinion piece from sociologist Bruno Marzloff

Bruno Marzloff, sociologist and futurist, evokes his vision of mobility and urbanism desirable for the cities and territories of tomorrow.

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Eco-grazing in the city, a practice that appeals to communities and social housing providers


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    • What if work sites were directly managed by thought in the future?

      Operate your smartphone through thought; send a message or post a photo online without making any movement: are these practices worthy of a science fiction book in the process of becoming reality? In the future, will we have alternatives to the body for communicating with the outside world? This is the dream of the giants of the digital world who have thrown themselves enthusiastically into the field of Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs).

    • What if, in the future, facial recognition was used in our towns ?

      What if, in the future, facial recognition technologies went into general use in our towns and buildings? In China where this is already happening, the increasing use of such technology in both public and private spaces raises the spectre of mass surveillance and the risk of new attacks on privacy. While the number of experiments is increasing around the world and certain American towns are already taking the lead in preventing its use, the debate is beginning to take shape in Europe.