Dialogues with stakeholders

Customers, partners, employees, residents, etc. We pay particular attention to dialogue with our stakeholders. Throughout the year, these discussions help us achieve our sustainable development objectives.

Whether this involves reducing our environmental impact, promoting professional integration or developing the local economy, these projects cannot be completed without intensive dialogue with our stakeholders. Committed to organisations that promote sustainable development principles and member of the United Nations Global Compact since 2006, we have forged numerous partnerships and engaged in discussions with players from civil society and the construction and environment sector. What is the aim? To better understand our stakeholders' expectations in order to integrate them into our activities and contribute to future developments.

Privileged opportunities for discussion

In order to meet our stakeholders, we are present within many organisations: Afnor, Comité 21, Plan Bâtiment Durable, Green Building Council, Association HQE, ECTP (European Construction Technology Platform), E2BA (Energy Efficiency Building Association), Advancity Skills Hub, etc. In addition to these major meetings, we set up specific discussion opportunities according to our contacts. For example: satisfaction surveys with our customers, annual meetings with our shareholders, consultation meetings with a construction site's residents, the mirror committee consisting of stakeholders and responsible for optimising our sustainable development process, our participation at school forums in order to meet the students, and our partnerships with local associations, etc.