Construction Industry: Together, we are stronger!

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Bouygues Construction joined Construct Lab in July. This group of construction and public works firms fixes frequent problems in these sectors, and start-up companies apply solutions. Julien Bourcerie, Open Innovation Manager for Bouygues Construction, on “collective intelligence” in construction.

construct lab - Bouygues Construction

Mobilise all players in the construction world, to work on common issues together. This is the task that was given to the Association Construct Lab, when it was created in June 2018.

“It is about creating collective intelligence. The association brings together certain players of the sector, whether they are real estate developers, general contractors, big suppliers, developers, etc. And ensure that they work together with a common, recurrent need in mind. It’s an ideal situation for all those concerned because it allows them to put their heads together. After the group meetings, the solution found will take all eventualities into account and so we are sure to have a stronger approach to dealing with the issues”, said Julien Bourcerie, Open Innovation Manager for Bouygues Construction. “By joining Construct Lab, Bouygues Construction is involved in the discussions and the joint actions taken as a result. It is very important because our goal is to expand this sector, through exactly this sort of ecosystem”.

But that is not all. Creating connections with the different players in the sector is not a new concept, other associations and organisations in the construction industry are already doing it. What is the advantage of Construct Lab? Once the solution has been found, it needs to be implemented. The association then creates a start-up company which is able to implement the solution.

“When issues in the sector have been identified, we create a company to provide the solution and we help them get off their feet. First we look for a project leader, someone who is looking to create their own company, and we give them the support they need”, explained Amélie Cuiller, President of Construct Lab, and Renaud Sornin, Vice-President and also CEO of Attestation Légale.

More than 70 players from all business lines      

Builders, promoters, architects, engineers, design office, project managers, operators, etc. All trades can join the association as they are looking to represent the whole sector as best they can. The diversity of opinions is a real opportunity!

An opinion shared by Bouygues Construction. “Here we find all the stakeholders – suppliers, competitors, partners…- in a completely different context to what we are used to. A whole different perspective which is the ideal environment for co-creation!” according to Julien Bourcerie who is very enthusiastic about this project and who whole-heartedly shares the vision of Construct Lab: a problem is simply an opportunity to innovate.


To find out more about the association and current projects, please go to https://constructlab.fr/