Two years later, the hamlet of Les Noés in Val-de-Reuil remains a benchmark eco-neighbourhood in Normandy.

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For some people, living in the countryside is synonymous with isolation and loneliness. The hamlet of Les Noés in Val-de-Reuil (Eure) proves the contrary: this environmentally friendly eco-neighbourhood promotes the individual and collective well-being of its residents on a daily basis.


In Val-de-Reuil, a commune located an hour from Paris and 20 minutes from Rouen, Siloge inaugurated a new neighbourhood in late 2016, called “Hamlet of Les Noés”. Designed by a design-construction-operation-maintenance group*, this project is the fruit of a desire to offer residents a shared living space that respected the planet.

The hamlet of Les Noés, which covers 4.6 hectares, includes a protected natural area surrounding the neighbourhood to give residents a completely natural living environment.

The eco-village has 98 homes that qualify as social housing (80%) as well as individual houses for social acquisition (20%). All this housing is committed to respecting a passive environmental ambition of keeping energy consumption under 15 kWH/m² habitable floor area per year.

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Over and above the environmental and economic benefits offered by this eco-neighbourhood, this project strives to improve the daily lives of each resident by providing them with shared and public spaces:

  • Eco-crèche
  • Shared gardens and orchards
  • Shared car service
  • “Asinobus” service, where children are taken to school by donkeys
  • Horticultural and gardening activity

The eco-neighbourhood of Val-de-Reuil continues to grow, and still promises to give its residents a responsible and unified quality of living thanks to the variety of programmes on offer.

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The success of the hamlet of Les Noés has earned it several national awards, including:

  • The “Eco-Neighbourhood” label, awarded on 8 December 2016 by the French Minister of Housing and Sustainable Habitat, Emmanuelle Cosse;
  • The “Sustainable Town” grand prize at the Green Solutions Awards in 2017;
  • The “Silver Square” prize in the “Urban and Landscape Development” category, awarded in December 2018-
*Members of the design-construction-operation-maintenance group: Bouygues Bâtiment Grand Ouest (ordering party and constructor), Atelier Philippe Madec (architect), Arc en Terre (landscaper), SNETA (technical consultants for Miscellaneous Public Highway Networks), TRIBU (technical consultants for the HQE high environmental standard), Ecotone (environmental consultants), Michel Lecacheur (technical consultants for technical batches), Terre de Lys (geobiologists) and Idex Energies (operation and maintenance).