Trends note – The future of work in & out of the office

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We are living in a period of unprecedented change and uncertainty that is overturning our habits and lifestyles, with a very real impact on work and, ultimately, on real estate and regional planning. Against this backdrop, we have re-examined ways of working: practices, methods, rhythms and organisations, in order to understand the factors driving change and their impact on workplaces, and their influence on the local area.
modes de travail
How will working patterns be organised in the future? Where will the office fit in? What value proposition will be needed to attract and retain talent? What residential dynamics are linked to new ways of working? What balance should be struck between office work and teleworking? There are many questions to be answered, and many challenges to be met in adapting to the diversity of these new ways of working. It is against this backdrop that Bouygues Construction has conducted a multi-partner foresight study with nearly a hundred stakeholders, to decipher these developments and propose possible futures.
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