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Innovative solutions

Monday April 30th, 2018


Hublo: new digital display solutions at construction sites

Eighteen months ago, Hublo replaced paper-based notices with interactive touchscreens. After the first few trials proved to be a success, the project was expanded. Read on to learn about the roll-out process and the latest developments.

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Alto, a one-of-a-kind tower


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  • Bonjour,
    Pour l’instant il n’est pas prévu de déployer Hublo dans d’autres entreprises que Bouygues Construction.


    Bouygues Construction

    Le Tuesday February 12th, 2019

  • Bonjour
    Quand Hublot sera déployé dans la filiale COLAS ?


    ÉLODIE Olivier

    Le Friday January 4th, 2019

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