Perfony, a cure for acute meetingitis

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At last, an end to meetingitis and email addiction. This tool facilitates the management of meetings and follow-up in businesses. Bouygues Construction’s new partner is Perfony, a software program that makes everyone’s life easier at work.


Bouygues Construction meets Perfony

The Bouygues Construction/Perfony experience began in June 2017 when the startup business was presented by the “Be Issy” team at the Easy Digital Challenge organised by Bouygues Group. In May 2018, at the 3rd Matching-Up operation devoted to the home of the future, Perfony rose to the challenge of “management in the offices of 2020” along with its startup partner, 360SmartConnect.

A tool that becomes part of your daily life

Companies work together more and more. Studies have shown that we cooperate with twice as many people as we did 5 years ago. We spend an average of 2.07 hours per day in meetings, making it very difficult, if not impossible, to monitor a list of actions for every roadmap. Alarm bells are ringing and we must find new ways of keeping on top of actions and meetings.

The solution rolled out by Bouygues Construction and Perfony aims to substitute the inevitable action plan that we’re all used to following in Excel format, with a digital, collaborative version. It can also be used to validate the minutes of a meeting and retain in just one click all the approved measures to be taken.

This tool is the solution to your problems if, like many others, you feel you waste a lot of time preparing minutes and getting them approved, or have difficulty finding and communicating on a clear vision of agreed actions that all require follow-up. Useful at every level, this tool is suitable for both the building site and the boardroom.

And in the field?

The first work site to test and improve the application for the building industry was “Be Issy”, followed by Malakoff Tangram with Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France. Thanks to the significant and close cooperation between Bouygues Construction and Perfony, it was very easy to enhance the tool by adding new features and improving existing ones.

On the basis of its own needs and expectations, Bouygues Construction has helped Perfony to enhance and fine-tune the tool. It has also contributed to developing the building industry expertise of the startup, which had probably not aimed at this sector initially.
Today, the main priority is to promote the tool among a wider audience and to convince decision makers and operational managers to adopt it.

The tool is or has been in use at the following building sites:
Bouygues Travaux Publics: Perform TP / Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France Construction Privée: Morland, Be Issy, Tangram, Moods, Pont d’Issy / Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France Rénovation Privée: 52 Louvre, Anatole France. Moreover, widely employed for cross-sector purposes, it is now used by six entities and is also attracting strong interest from Bouygues UK.