Bouygues Construction set to make waves at VivaTech

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The 2nd edition of VivaTech, one of Europe’s biggest innovation events where 50,000 are expected, will take place from 15 to 17 June. Roland Le Roux, Director of Open Innovation, gives us a sneak peak at the technologies Bouygues Construction will be presenting, as well as the start-ups in attendance.

What innovations will we be presenting?

Roland Le Roux Bouygues Construction Open InnovationWe’ll be at the Bouygues group stand. Over 40 innovations designed to achieve better, more sustainable cities will be presented at the show, including 22 that were devised in collaboration with partner start-ups. Here are a few of them :

• Building with a Concrete 3D Printer

Together with the start-up CyBe, Bouygues Construction will be building a small pavilion with a complex shape all around the exhibition space. To do so, they will use a giant 3D printer, which will apply multiple layers of concrete. The pavilion (and associated urban furniture) will then be displayed at Challenger and will be available for use by employees!

• Save your breath — prepare to meet a carrying, line-following robot

Visitors will get to know Effibot, a line-follower robot that assists Site workers on-site by carrying heavy loads. Designed jointly with Effidence, Bouygues Construction and Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France, Effibot is currently being tested on the Port of Calais site (Bouygues Travaux Publics), after numerous tests on Rénovation Privée sites.

3• Get safety smart on a virtual work site

Place a virtual reality headset over your eyes and you’ll find yourself transported to a work site, where a team is counting on you to install a form panel. The goal? To allow users to experience at-risk situations in a virtual world, in order to test their reflexes and best practices. Learning by doing, safely. That’s the issue at stake during these virtual reality training sessions, which serve the Group’s health and safety efforts.

• Map out the urban environment using GetYourSpace

Bouygues Energies & Services offers the embedded solution GetYourSpace, enabling record-speed generation of a precise city or district map that includes multi-criteria data: light, soundscape, pollution, etc.

Why is Bouygues Construction participating in this event?

VivaTech is the event that best embodies our new signature “Shared Innovation”. It shows our clients, both public and private, that we are innovating daily alongside a multitude of partners: innovation to make life easier for end users and clients, innovation for greater safety, quality and productivity; and finally, innovation for our society and the planet.

There’s no innovation without start-ups…

Vivatech Bouygues ConstructionOpening our arms to partnerships is the very backbone of open innovation. We have been accelerating our innovation partnerships with start-ups and SMEs since early 2015. This lets us benefit from their agility and flexibility, as well as additional skills and profiles we might not find at Bouygues Construction. We can also bring innovative solutions to the market more quickly for our clients or employees. These start-ups are also able to take more risks than a large group, whilst continuing to receive financing from investment funds, often in large amounts.

We offer them test beds and a market perspective, which regularly turn into contracts with us or our clients. Sometimes, we even co-develop new solutions by combining our respective know-how and expertise. Finally, successful experimentation on our operations provides them with a certain legitimacy and allows them to develop their reputation.

These relationships took the shape of more than 100 experiments with start-ups on our projects, 9 of which are currently being deployed within the company. Lastly, we have made four investments to date in order to allow start-ups which are strategic to the group to develop more quickly.

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