YHNOVA house, first social housing printed in 3D, is open!

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YHNOVA, a social housing unit built using BatiPrint3D™, an innovative 3D printing technique, was opened on 21 March in Nantes. This Bouygues Construction R&D project is part of an experimental construction site run by Bouygues Bâtiment Grand Ouest.

A life-sized trial

YHNOVA is the first home of its type to provide the basis for a life-sized trial in 3D printing, the ultimate aim being for a family to move in. Within the consortium, in its capacity as general contractor for the project, Bouygues Bâtiment Grand Ouest contributed its expertise as a builder and called upon its local partners to make this original life-sized test a reality. The involvement of all the local players from the building sector provided the basis for a process of cross-fertilisation. All the players worked together to identify and develop solutions for the future.

Testing the building techniques of the future

Bouygues Construction is involved in innovative projects through which it is rethinking the construction process. The R&D programme entitled “Structural Works 4.0” is focused on the study, development and deployment of the construction methods of the future. The ambition of the Yhnova house is to show that it is now possible to adopt a new approach to home building while meeting the highest standards in quality. This first stage has brought with it a wealth of new information that will help us develop the construction methods of the future.


“3D printing is an additional asset and not a replacement solution for the construction methods of today”
explains Bruno Linéatte, R&D Director, Bouygues Construction, construction methods. “It throws open a whole new field of experimentation in structural works. In the medium term, we hope that these new construction methods will deliver the productivity gains sorely needed by our industry to contribute to the sustainable construction of high-quality homes and office buildings, available to the greatest number.

The Yhnova house has been certified as habitable. It has an area of 95 m2 and five rooms, with curving walls and rounded angles. The first tenants are scheduled to move in next June.




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