Renovation of the Carnavalet museum – History of Paris: one of the greatest cultural construction sites of Paris

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This is the oldest museum in Paris, and also the biggest culturally significant construction project currently under way. The Carnavalet museum – History of Paris will reopen in late 2019-early 2020 after major renovations, some of which are being performed by Ouvrages Publics (Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France, a subsidiary of Bouygues Construction). Worksite visit.
chantier musée carnavalet rénové
With over 615,000 items showcasing the history of Paris and its inhabitants from prehistory to the modern day, the Carnavalet museum – History of Paris has one of the largest collections of all French museums. Its restoration is the current flagship cultural project of the City of Paris, at a time when London, Amsterdam and New York already have well-appointed history museums. The project has two goals: first, to transform the museum and give new coherence to the visitor experience, and second, to make the museum a place that Parisians will return to again and again and that tourists both French and foreign won’t want to miss out on. The museum will also be updated to meet modern safety and accessibility standards. musée carnavalet rénové A delicate undertaking on a historic monument Tucked into the Marais, one of the neighbourhoods where pre-Haussmann architecture has been the best preserved, the museum is located in one of the most-visited tourist areas of Paris and is classified as a historical monument. An architectural works project like this one requires subtlety, since the existing buildings must be renovated and preserved at the same time. This is the perfect opportunity for the agency Snøhetta, set designer Nathalie Crinière, and the agency François Chatillon Architecte (which specialises in historical construction projects) to show off their expertise. The museum is composed of two buildings, Hôtel Le Peletier and Hôtel Carnavalet, connected by a gallery. Several historical façades will be restored as part of this project, and the path that visitors take will be routed through the gardens and outdoor urban spaces. The Ouvrages Publics teams are ready to get started on work package no.3, “Building/All Building Trades”. The schedule for this work package primarily includes cleaning, removing asbestos, demolition, structural works, underpinning, replacing joinery and furniture, metalworks (grand central staircase), building partition walls, ceiling restoration, and other technical trades. period room musée carnavalet