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Smart Impulse, an eco-friendly solution to help manage your building’s power consumption

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Smart Impulse offers large businesses and localities a solution to help them better manage their buildings’ power consumption. Discovered by Bouygues Construction in 2012, the start-up has become one of the Group’s go-to partners for its business and CSR needs.
Recycling. The circular economy. Smart energy. “Consuming less to pollute less.” These trends have all emerged as major levers that can help businesses and localities achieve their energy transition objectives and reduce their environmental impact. Against this backdrop, the start-up Smart Impulse has developed a new concept and technology that can provide turn-key solutions to meet its clients’ needs in this area. “Smart Impulse’s mission is to help building managers better understand how their buildings consume energy so that they can save energy,” explains Charles Gourio, founder of Smart Impulse. “We develop cutting-edge technology to provide tools that are easy to install and use and which allow our clients to manage their energy consumption over time,” he notes.

Save energy, use Smart Impulse!


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Using a single measurement point–the Smart X electricity meter–the technology allows you to identify the consumption levels of each type of equipment in your building. And it works! Discovered by Laurent Cauchois, Deputy Director of Design & Techniques at Bouygues Bâtiment Grand Ouest, the solution was first tested at Becket House, the head office for Bouygues UK and Australia and Bouygues Energies & Services. Following this testing phase, the technology was used to win a number of contracts for localities and commercial buildings with Bouygues Bâtiment Ile de France (e.g. Carcassonne Hospital, the Paris Court of First Instance).  

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