A Coaching Programme to Support Construction Innovation

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Last June, a second group began the Bouygues Construction R&D acceleration programme, organised with Schoolab. The goal: provide six months of support and coaching for several Group employees with innovative ideas. A concrete investment in the future!
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Bouygues Construction’s R&D acceleration programme is all about teamwork. On the one hand, Bouygues Construction’s R&D with its project managers. On the other hand, the Group’s Open Innovation team, which has been working on a programme to support innovative projects in the construction sector for several years. The two operational entities began two years ago. But they were not alone. “We draw on the expertise of Schoolab, a consulting firm that helps large groups to develop methodologies and spaces dedicated to the iteration of ideas and multidisciplinary collaboration,” explains Quentin Saint-James, Innovation Project Manager in charge of the Bouygues Construction innovation acceleration programme. Working with Schoolab allows us to provide tailor-made training workshops and individual coaching services. The programme provides our project developers, Bouygues Construction employees, with a vision and structure. It helps them to transform an idea into a project that concretely meets market expectations, using real observations to conduct a detailed analysis of the return on investment.”   schoolab bouygues  

Creating synergies between user needs and the construction industry

“Project developers are often focused on the technical feasibility of their product. That is, of course, essential, but they also need to consider the product’s appeal (customer need) and viability (potential for generating activity and business for the company). Consideration of these three parameters is essential for a successful project.” That’s what motivated the Bouygues Construction’s Open Innovation team to develop the workshops with Schoolab. In six months, Bouygues Construction’s project developers: – Learn to observe and define their value proposition to develop a unique and unprecedented solution in line with real business needs. – Develop a commercial prototype to test the interest of future users before launching the manufacturing phase. – Create a roadmap and prepare a presentation of their project to ensure sufficient impact.

2020: an important year for ideas despite the pandemic

After eight employees last year, six new participants with innovative ideas were selected for 2020. Projects include: – Building energy renovation – Connected worksites – The circular economy