The modular approach: delivering the Alpha City student residence on time!

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A mere seven months after its construction started, the Alpha City residence in La Roche-sur-Yon has been delivered in time for the start of the new 2018-19 academic year! In order to meet the tight deadlines for this building, which was constructed using the Wizom Connected system, the group implemented an industrial wooden module construction procedure.

résidence alpha city

100 flats and 2,589 square metres of floor space… To finish the project on time, the group – led by our Bouygues Bâtiment Grand Ouest subsidiary – used an industrial construction procedure based on wooden modules. The project began in November 2017 with the construction of the main structure, including a 40-space underground car park, a staircase and a lift shaft, as well as all the ground floor communal areas.

At the same time, our Ossabois partner began mass production of 100 wooden modules which were to become 100 studio flats of 18 m² each. Although 3 days of manufacturing time was needed from assembly to shipping, the pace of manufacturing was steady, with 6 modules completed every day.

module bois chiffre clé

The 100 pre-equipped wooden modules were fitted and assembled alongside one another, covering an area from the first to the third floor. Delivered by special lorry convoy, they were then installed at the rate of 6 modules per day (30 modules per week).

Connected residence for ultra-connected students
Modular methods were not the only innovation in this project. Alpha City was designed to address new trends and connectivity requirements among its student tenants. The students, who are already starting to occupy the premises, will be able to discover all aspects of Bouygues Construction’s Wizom philosophy, which was used to create this accommodation.

infographie résidence étudiante connectée

Strategically built at the heart of a future eco-district, the Alpha City residence is passive, and is the first E+C- certified accommodation facility in the West to have consumption figures lower than 15K/h m²/year. It also has excellent carbon emission figures, thanks to an industrial construction procedure which uses wooden modules.

Lastly, in addition to the connected facilities which will facilitate its residents’ everyday lives, the Crous accommodation service uses a monitoring interface which can post messages on the hall screen and display the operational state of technical aspects of the accommodation. All of which means that students can enjoy their university year and concentrate on studying and socialising. Here’s wishing them every success!

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Turning our constructions into intelligent, connected, future-proof buildings
Occupants can use a smartphone app to remain fully connected to their accommodation. Wizom offers simplified management with centralised resource use tracking, and greater efficiency and eco-responsibility with intelligent systems that cut energy consumption and help to save resources. Residents also benefit from increased comfort (as their surroundings adapt to their way of life), and greater security, with remote detection of problem events such as leaks, fires, open windows, etc. Lastly, there is a greater social link via an interface which allows communication and the exchange of objects between neighbours. To find out more, download our WIZOM system brochure.