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07/13/2017 - News
On 13 June 2017, Bouygues Construction stopped work on all its construction sites for the whole day. In France and around the world, this day was used to raise awareness among employees of health and safety, the number-one priority for the Group. The goal was to train employees to reach a "zero accident" rate. Marked by a series of events across all the Group's construction sites, the day was a chance to instil the importance of health and safety at all levels.
Humber River  Hospital
04/14/2017 - News
Plan Group, a subsidiary of Bouygues Construction, recently developed a comprehensive solution for the building, management and clinical systems of Humber River Hospital, North America's first digital hospital. Take a look at what has been done to improve this hospital's systems!
04/07/2017 - News
As part of the design and construction of the new Portier Cove eco-neighbourhood in Monaco, Bouygues Travaux Publics has been contracted to build the maritime infrastructure that will serve as base for the offshore extension of the Principality. This maritime infrastructure will consist of a fill enclosed by a band of 18 trapezoid reinforced concrete caissons. The caissons will be precast in the Marseille-Fos Port, starting in September 2017.
Virtual reality on construction site
03/22/2017 - News
Following a first testing module concerning risks associated with the placement of formwork elements, Bouygues Construction and HTC Vive™, are convinced of the potential of virtual reality for raising awareness and for training. They have reached an agreement for raising awareness and training in situations where employees are at risk.
cables - VSL
03/10/2017 - News
The Bouygues Construction subsidiary VSL has been an expert in cable-stayed engineering structures for nearly 40 years. The company is among the most innovative in its field and has recently placed additional emphasis on cable durability, as stay cables are among the components that make for an iconic engineering structure!
Ivry Les Tennis
03/02/2017 - News
The Ivry Les Tennis housing operation was launched on 21 January 2017. This housing project, carried out by Linkcity Ile-de-France, a property development subsidiary of Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France, provided an opportunity to confirm Linkcity Ile-de-France’s commitment to Art and Culture.


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