L’Ordre des "Compagnons du Minorange"


Of all the things I have undertaken in my career as a builder, "L'Ordre des Compagnons du Minorange" is the initiative and organisation that I consider to be the most successful and the one of which I am most proud. It gives me great satisfaction to have served the cause of these workers; they, like me, are happy and proud builders in their own right. A great and sincere friendship unites us.


Francis Bouygues created "L'Ordre des Compagnons du Minorange" in 1963, at the heart of the "30 Glorious Years" and in a situation of full employment which required the loyalty of its best workers. This loyalty was to be built through a unique form of appreciation and a fundamental structuring of the transmission of knowledge.


So why "Compagnons"? Quite simply because at Bouygues, the production workers are called "Compagnons"!


And why "Minorange"? It's a contraction of the name of Bouygues' emblematic colour, MINium ORANGE, a rust inhibitor used particularly on tower cranes!


Today, out of the more than 12,000 Bouygues Construction journeymen, the guild represents nearly 600 journeymen in all the Group's trades across France and abroad. The guild is organised with grades (one, two or three stars) and a unique distinction for its most outstanding members, the "Champions". Another organisational feature is the existence of an incubator, created by Martin Bouygues in 1993 for "Compagnons", identified as having the potential to join the guild. 

These 600 "Compagnons" are animated by the same spirit and united by common principles of know-how, interpersonal skills and knowledge.


Highly involved in the Group's influence, in the front line of the concrete implementation of our transformations, these elite journeymen are regularly consulted and involved in each of their structures on subjects as varied as safety, innovation, ergonomics and digital.

creation of "L'Ordre des Compagnons du Minorange"
the number of Compagnons in the world in 2022
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Respect / Exemplarity / Love of a job well done

The "Compagnon du Minorange" is an employee who can be trusted. A true expert in his trade, he keeps his commitments.


Exemplary in terms of safety and interpersonal skills, he knows how to explain to his colleagues the importance of respecting the rules.


Passionate about his job, he makes it a honour to deliver quality work. As an ambassador for our sites, he does not hesitate to give his time to share his daily life with young pupils/students.

Availability / Pride of place

The "Compagnons du Minorange" is available. The family spirit reigns on the building sites, and he cultivates it! Something to bring down, to bring up? He knows how to act as an interface between his colleagues and his hierarchy to point out a malfunction and propose solutions!

Involved and proud to be part of the guild, he regularly meets his colleagues for work meetings and convivial moments (evenings, Annual Congress...).

Team spirit / Knowledge transfer

The "Compagnon du Minorange" is a teamwork facilitator. Loving to pass on his knowledge, he creates the link between generations and facilitates the integration of young recruits. Listened to, he is a journeyman recognised by his peers for his know-how and his interpersonal skills, who has earned the respect of the teams on the site, journeymen, supervisors and management.

In solidarity with his colleagues and the site in general, he does not hesitate to give his time to facilitate cohesion and the smooth running of the site.

Professional skills / Entrepreneurship

The "Compagnon du Minorange" participates in the company's technological advances such as safety, ergonomics, digital technology, decarbonisation, and new equipment...


They are on the front line when it comes to testing and evaluating new products or developing operating methods.


Interested in the life of the company, he is invited to information meetings and maintains a privileged link with his superiors.

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