Bouygues Construction, leader in sustainable construction


With 32,500 employees working in 60 countries, Bouygues Construction designs, builds and rehabilitates the infrastructures and buildings that are essential for a sustainable society. All over the world, the teams support the development of low-carbon energy production and public transport infrastructures and provide their expertise in the design, construction and renovation of buildings and neighbourhoods essential to life (health, education, work, tourism, leisure, public services, defence, etc.). The teams' commitment is based on three top priorities: safety culture, respect for human rights and ethics.

Discover our figures:

employees worldwide
€billion turnover
€billion backlog
of turnover from international sales
million COP
reduction in greenhouse gaz emissions by 2030

A presence across the entire construction value chain in the digital age

Bouygues Construction's value chain consists of eight stages: land management and urban planning, financial engineering, usage analysis, design and technical engineering, construction, maintenance and operation, user services and dismantling.

3 areas of activity

From upstream to downstream, our teams carry out projects of all sizes in three sectors: infrastructure, industry and construction. We combine the best expertise and innovations, at the service of the areas in which we work, always drawing inspiration from the greatest success stories.

A ‘multi-local’ group

Present on five continents, the group and its subsidiaries combine expertise and innovation, each in their own way, to serve areas in more than 60 countries. Bouygues Construction achieves 42% of its turnover in France, 34% in Europe (outside France), 15% in Asia-Pacific, 3% in Africa and the Middle East, and 6% on the American continent.

Our expertise: the sustainable transformation of territories

Thanks to its for areas of expertise, Bouygues Construction is present over the entire construction industry value chain.


Design, construction and renovation of buildings, property development and consultancy.



Civil engineering, structures, tunnels and underground structures, prestressing and bracing systems. 


Comprehensive offers, from financing to operation of facilities.

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Kanal: zero ultimate waste site
In Pantin, Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France – Construction Privée, a subsidiary of Bouygues Construction, delivered an ambitious 21,000 m² office building site, where an innovative “zero waste” approach was implemented. The objective was to limit waste at source. To deliver on this commitment and to ensure this site was an exemplary project, various actions were deployed by the work teams.
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Public Works
Fécamp offshore wind farm
In partnership with Saipem and Boskalis, Bouygues Travaux Publics is building the foundations for the 71 wind turbines that are to make up the offshore wind farm at Fécamp. With a total capacity of around 500 MW, this offshore wind farm is expected to produce the equivalent of the domestic power consumption of around 770,000 people, or over 60% of the inhabitants of Seine-Maritime.
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The Stade de France
Built for the FIFA World Cup in France, its 80,000 seat-capacity and its elliptical disc-shaped roof suspended 42 metres above the ground identify it as the largest French stadium. Via its concessions division, Bouygues Construction is responsible for its management and operations.