For us at Bouygues Construction, innovation is at the very core of our business model as we strive to meet the major challenges facing our customers, society and the regions. Our priority objectives are to integrate emerging trends and new uses, to speed up our response to environmental challenges and to increase operational efficiency. We want our innovation to be as visionary as it is pragmatic, in order to reconcile the pursuit of ambitious dreams with being able to put them into practice on the ground. So innovation plays a dual role: accelerated by digital technology, it feeds our strategy by showing us everything that is possible, and makes our strategy a reality by providing solutions that can be rapidly tested and implemented.

Innovation requires commitment from everyone. Motivated by a spirit of teamwork, we draw on the initiatives and best practices of our teams, the skills of our partners, and the needs expressed by our customers and end-users around the world! Supporting this commitment, we create synergies between the expertise of each of our businesses and three major company-wide approaches: futurology to anticipate, R&D to design, and strategic marketing to develop. This international ecosystem provides us with the strength to innovate for the benefit of society and of sustainable territories.

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Construction tech
Connected crane:augmented communication on site
A digital communications tool tailored to the site, replacing all existing equipment
BYSprong turning energy-inefficient structures into energy-positive buildings
Bouygues Construction’s R&D programme, BYSprong, is developing innovative solutions to mass-...
Meuleuse FEIN
Health & Safety
A 125 mm grinderthat is extremely safe to use for all workers at our sites
The health and safety of employees and all those who work at Bouygues Construction sites is a top...
Béton bas carbone ©PIM
Low carbon concrete, a low impact material
Bouygues Construction aims to achieve a 30% reduction in its CO2 emissions by 2030. Responsible and...
Construction tech
3D printing to build a house: building innovation
3D printing is overturning the conventional approach to construction models and housing design....
The Connected Sleeve: Bringing connected items onto a worksite
Bouygues Construction, Suez, Air Liquide and the CEA ( French Alternative Energies and Atomic...
The ABC Concept: a Comprehensive Approach to Sustainable Housing - Bouygues Construction
Sustainable housing: the ABC concept
A comprehensive approach of sustainable housing, that is autonomous and has a strong social value,...