The Terre Plurielle Foundation:

The Terre Plurielle Foundation:
committed in our territories

Our corporate foundation, Terre Plurielle, has worked since 2008 to promote education, employment opportunities, healthcare and support for disabled people wherever the Group is established through financial support and the voluntary involvement of our employees.

  • The Terre Plurielle Foundation: committed in our territories
  • The Terre Plurielle Foundation: committed in our territories
  • The Terre Plurielle Foundation: committed in our territories
  • The Terre Plurielle Foundation: committed in our territories

The development of human capital and mutual aid have always been at the heart of Bouygues Construction’s businesses and culture. Since it was created, the Terre Plurielle Foundation has brought the same dynamic of solidarity to the regions where we operate, through projects that involve financial support and sponsorship by one or more Group employees, whose mission is to advise and assist organisations in their operations or in carrying out projects, sometimes by making use of their professional skills. One in five of the projects funded also benefits from skills sponsorship on the part of highly motivated employees. In the last six years, 237 projects in twenty one countries have been supported by 290 employees throughout the world. Here are some examples…

Supporting education for all

One of the Terre Plurielle Foundation’s priorities is to help open up the doors of education to the greatest number. This is why the Foundation supports Les Enfants de Louxor  association by helping pay school fees and providing educational support to impoverished children in this part of Egypt.

Promoting professional insertion

We want to make it possible for low-skilled and unemployed people to work on our construction sites. Actions intended to create employment opportunities are central to the Foundation’s undertakings.

The Acta Vista association helps hire and train people to work on historical monuments restoration sites in southern France. In Marseille, the organisation is restoring the Fort Saint Nicolas with employees who have been trained in historical masonry and are being integrated back into the labour market. Terre Plurielle pays for the construction equipment used to complete the restoration.

Facilitating healthcare access to all

Our foundation, Terre Plurielle, is committed to promoting healthcare access for the needy, sick, and disabled and improving their well-being on a day-to-day basis.

In Poland, the Gajusz Foundation helps terminally ill children and their families and is working towards developing home hospice care. Terre Plurielle is contributing to this project by financing a car to transport medical teams, beds, medical equipment, medicines, and clothing. 

Since it was created in 2008, our foundation, Terre Plurielle, has supported nearly 250 projects sponsored by nearly 300 employees involved in the countries where the group is present. By making strong commitments and contributing their skills to help the needy, they are actively participating in Bouygues Construction's social responsibility in its regions.

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