The ABC Concept:

The ABC Concept:

The ABC Concept: a Comprehensive Approach to Sustainable Housing

Research and development takes on its full meaning when it leads to concrete improvements in the lives of the users of our buildings, or in our construction techniques and methods. Another look at the example of the ABC concept, a creator of value.

An answer to two concrete challenges

Almost 7% of electricity in France is lost to electrical distribution and transport (source: RTE). 24% of water is lost in pipes. Faced with these facts, we are constantly seeking solutions that can limit this waste and create a more harmonious living environment for users. The ABC concept (Autonomous Building for Citizens) is a way to meet these challenges.
Developed in partnership with architects Valde & Pistre, it is autonomous housing that is freed from normal networks in order to better control energy use. The comprehensive approach to its design integrates all of the environmental, technical, economic, and social aspects of the buildings of the future. The first demonstrator of this concept will be developed at EcoCité Grenoble Presqu’île in the next few years.

A for Autonomous

Concentrated in innovations, this building aims to be self-sufficient in water and energy, and seeks to optimize waste disposal. It will combine energy generation with a reduced consumption of electricity consumption (-20%) and heating (-30%). Water consumption will be reduced (-40%) and rainwater will be recovered and recycled several times. Waste management will be optimised, and residents will be fully included in this overall approach in an environment that promotes social contact. Finally, massive energy storage systems will be put in place to compensate for any fluctuations in the renewable energy supply.

B for Building

We have reviewed our entire process in order to build faster and at a lower cost. We have deployed innovative technologies and expertise in order to concretely produce this new kind of building that we have imagined. By being liberated from the constraints of the network, all while improving the services to residents, it is a radical change in the act of building.


C for Citizens

Citizens today have new expectations and want to have spaces devoted to their comfort. We have integrated their concerns into our design process in order to develop housing that promotes well-being and interactions between residents.
Residents will also be major players in the building's autonomy. As they will be constantly informed of their consumption, they can modify it and develop shared uses that create social bonds and conviviality.

The ABC Concept: a Comprehensive Approach to Sustainable Housing
The ABC Concept: a Comprehensive Approach to Sustainable Housing

Denis Valode, Valode & Pistre Architects

The goal of ABC is to create urban housing. It is also a chance to develop a new relationship with residents. Each architectural and technical solution is evaluated in terms of its social value. First of all, it's a way to see how to facilitate the appropriation of the site, to encourage users to be more concerned about their environment, to facilitate friendly interactions, and to adapt to new ways of life that characterize the evolution of our urban society.

The ABC Concept: a Comprehensive Approach to Sustainable Housing
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Objective: zero accidents


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