ETDE signs recruitment partnership with National Neighbourhood Association Liaison Committee

03/19/2008 | Release

ETDE signs recruitment partnership with National Neighbourhood Association Liaison Committee

For the first time in its history, France’s National Neighbourhood Association Liaison Committee (CNLRQ), which represents more than 130 neighbourhood associations working to provide social integration and employment opportunities for people living in disadvantaged areas, has signed a partnership with a private company. The agreement with ETDE, Bouygues Construction’s electrical contracting and maintenance subsidiary, supplements ETDE’s existing outreach recruitment programme in these areas, and forms part of the company’s wider sustainable development and corporate citizenship initiative based on recruitment and integration. The company plans to recruit 1,300 new employees in 2008.

ETDE and the CNLRQ: a springboard to employment

ETDE works in close cooperation with local authority customers to provide installation and maintenance services. Under the partnership agreement, ETDE undertakes to subcontract certain activities, such as site signage, provision of information to residents, earthmoving work and monitoring of street lighting networks, to neighbourhood associations. Local people who have previously been excluded from secure employment opportunities will be recruited and trained by neighbourhood associations to carry out the work. The individuals concerned will work within ETDE’s teams for two years, enabling them to receive training in the company’s specialist trades. On completion of this initial integration period, they will then have the opportunity to be recruited by the company at site worker level. The agreement provides a concrete framework for a number of existing collaborations and relationships between ETDE and neighbourhood associations, for example at Deuil la Barre, Sarcelles and Aubervilliers in the Paris suburbs, as well as in Paris, Bordeaux, Nevers and Rouen. It also enables ETDE to forge stronger links with local authority customers by supporting local employment policies.

ETDE and neighbourhood associations: sustainable links at local level

The partnership agreement between ETDE and the CNLRQ will enable local entities of both organisations to establish sustainable links with communities, allowing them to identify specific needs and conduct joint integration initiatives. Neighbourhood associations in deprived urban areas throughout France can now enjoy the support of almost 200 local branches of ETDE, offering opportunities for integration and training within work teams.
Local people previously excluded from secure employment opportunities who are recruited under the partnership will receive support from neighbourhood associations, based on an understanding of their social, medical, emotional, educational, cultural and financial problems, while also benefiting from the employment opportunities, technical skills and know-how offered by ETDE, a leading company in its sector.

About neighbourhood associations

Created in 1988, the French National Neighbourhood Association Liaison Committee (CNLRQ) is a network organisation which acts on a cooperative basis to exchange information, and share skills, practices and know-how. The member associations of the CNLRQ (a non-profit organisation in accordance with the law of 1901) are represented on its various bodies by their respective chairpersons and directors. Neighbourhood associations provide a forum for local authorities, social landlords and local residents to develop and implement urban management initiatives in respect of the locality concerned.
One of the key tasks of a neighbourhood association is to support disadvantaged local residents in finding genuinely secure employment. Associations are committed to ensuring that recruits are given ample time to adapt to their new post, allowing them to receive appropriate training (or re-training), and enabling effective social and psychological re-integration. Recruitment opportunities are assessed on the basis of their re-integration potential, and their connection with the local area. Recruits are monitored on an individual basis by the association’s director, socio-professional supervisor and technical supervisor, and receive training and assessment as part of a programme designed to ensure that they ultimately become autonomous members of the workforce.

About ETDE

A subsidiary of Bouygues Construction, ETDE is a turnkey provider and integrator of technical and services solutions for public- and private-sector customers in the energy, industry, service, transport, environment and telecommunications sectors. The company’s operations are based around three clearly structured, customer-oriented business areas: utility networks; electrical, mechanical & HVAC engineering; and facilities management. ETDE offers comprehensive capabilities that encompass engineering, installation, maintenance and operation for both French and international customers. It leverages the expertise, commitment and responsiveness of its 13,000 employees to deliver innovative solutions with high technological added value. Backed by a network of 200 locations across France, and with a presence in 28 countries worldwide, ETDE posted sales of 1.7 billion euros in 2007, predicted to rise to 1.9 billion euros in 2008.

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