Pascal Grangé, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Bouygues Construction

09/09/2008 | Release

Pascal Grangé, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Bouygues Construction

At a meeting held on Wednesday 27 August 2008, the Board of Directors of Bouygues Construction appointed Pascal Grangé as Deputy Chief Executive Officer, on the recommendation of the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Yves Gabriel. Mr Grangé will be in charge of all financial and general administration functions at Bouygues Construction, as well as its IT systems.

Pascal Grangé, 47, holds a postgraduate diploma in finance. He joined the Bouygues Group in 1986. From 1987 to 1995, he rose through the ranks of the group financial engineering department, structuring major financial arrangements for the Group. In 1995, he was appointed Financial Manager of Screg, a Bouygues roadworks contractor. Two years later he joined Saur, a former Bouygues water treatment subsidiary, where he served as Chief Financial Officer in various entities and then at Saur group level in 2001. Pascal Grangé was named Chief Financial Officer of Bouygues Construction in 2003.

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