Key principles guiding our day-to-day human resources policy include individualised career paths, training and diversity. Through their talent, their diversity and their commitment, we want our employees to be the leading players in our ambition to shape a better life. 

We are always on the look-out for new talents. Our priorities are taking care of their development and their well-being, and ensuring that they can work in an open environment.

Because each career path is unique

Whatever their profession, whatever their level within our structures, we believe that training is a key driver in the development of our people. We pay careful attention to every individual’s needs to help them develop their potential. Everyone’s career path is treated in an individualised way, which opens up a maximum of opportunities for career development within the Group.

Providing equal opportunities and an openness to diversity

We are committed to developing the skills of each one of our employees with the greatest possible respect for equal opportunities. We seek to build a pluralistic, open and unified company in which talents and differences are a strength, reflecting the countries in which we are working.

Gender diversity boosts performance

The Group considers that the presence of a significant number of women in its workforce is a source of strength: gender diversity within its teams is a factor in improving performance, and it contributes to attracting, retaining and promoting people with talent. With women representing 15% of staff worldwide and nearly 22% of managers, Bouygues Construction wishes to further strengthen the diversity of its teams.


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