Bouygues Construction in the feminine

Bouygues Construction in the feminine

Let’s stop all the myths and clichés here and now: the construction sector is no longer a male preserve! At Bouygues Construction, there’s as much scope for women to develop and succeed… with or without hard hat.

Today, women constitute 25% of our management teams. They are active at every level and are represented in all the Group’s professions, both in France and in other countries.

A proactive policy

We have no doubt that women make a full contribution both to the quality of our performance and to our management. We have taken many steps to encourage gender diversity in recruitment, internal mobility and promotion to positions of responsibility.

An in-house network

A women’s network formed spontaneously in 2011, and it has developed into a forum where women can share their experience, and where the profile of women and their achievements is raised.

Our best female ambassadors are obviously our 4,000 female employees. Come along and meet some of them at student and career forums, at our external events or on our professional networks.

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