Our expertise

Our expertise
Bouygues Bâtiment France is…

With our subsidiaries Elan and Linkcity, we accompany our clients as urban stakeholders and we propose overall territory offers, personalised solutions for uses and services. Each of our entities works together with our clients and partners to develop, conceptualise, build and renovate what will be the buildings of the future, and more broadly, their neighbourhoods.

Bouygues Bâtiment France's aim: to be a company that serves its clients, that works with women and men as a creator of progress, to contribute to and be responsible for tomorrow’s society.

A company where safety and health are an absolute priority

Our approach represents the continuity of actions undertaken and the desire to firmly entrench the safety culture.

It is based on 4 axes:

  • Control major risks in all trade bodies
  • Raise the level of safety amongst our stakeholders
  • Improve the organisation of building sites to protect health and increase in efficiency
  • Develop the Health-Safety leadership at all levels of the company and in all departments

A company recognised for its social, societal and environmental commitment

Bouygues Bâtiment France offers solutions aiming to reduce the carbon footprint of our buildings, by integrating circular economy and biodiversity into our projects and by favouring local partners. Well-being at work, diversity, employment of disabled workers and harmony for our employees are some of our values as a responsible company!

An innovative company to build our future

The satisfaction of our clients also involves shorter deadlines, a high level of quality, maximum security, a complimentary carbon footprint... These issues, which affect our entire ecosystem, force us to innovate each day. Our engineering proposes, with its shared areas of expertise (structure, wood, metal, planning, etc.), tailored solutions involving all project parameters. Industrialisation, digital mock-up, connected solutions, energy consumption guarantee... We work with the best partners and start-ups to implement more modern and adapted solutions to simplify our clients’ lives.

Complementary expertise

Strategic property counselling

  • Audit and valuation of assets, from the building to the neighbourhood
  • Innovative programming (nature, digital, usages)
  • Development of an energy strategy
  • Assistance with the socially-responsible investment/social and environmental responsibility policy (biodiversity, circular economy, carbon footprint)
  • Planning of working and living spaces
  • Assistant project manager and Project Manager from design to deconstruction
  • Design Thinking and change management
  • Studio Iéna: project creation

Legal and financial engineering

  • Control of complex legal arrangements
  • Supervision of risks, scheduling, planning
  • Sales of Properties in Future State of Completion (VEFA)
  • Real estate promotion contract (CPI)
  • Partnership Contract (CP)
  • Due Diligence, project management assistance, project management


  • Approach on the global life-cycle of projects with a reversible design
  • Diagnosis of future users’ specific needs
  • Low-carbon construction (especially wood construction)
  • Promotion of the circular economy and biodiversity
  • Optimisation of environmental certification levels
  • Overall cost study
  • Commitment of energy performance

Property development

  • Implementation of building projects of every kind on behalf of users or public or private investors
  • Development of a broad range of expertise in the context of turnkey property operations, operations as a contractor contributing to the planning of city neighbourhoods, renovation or new-build operations
  • Specialist urban operator of multi-product operations
  • Innovation centred around use and services for lively, sustainable and smart buildings and neighbourhoods
  • Project management from the study to delivery phase, by teams who are experts in their field
  • Integration of urban biodiversity applied to different construction projects

Technical engineering and expertise

Bouygues Bâtiment France uses BIM for even more efficiency!

  • 100% of projects in digital mock-up to include all project stakeholders from the earliest stage
  • Industrialisation solutions to improve competitiveness and productivity
  • Virtual reality to facilitate the decision-making process and the integration of the project in its environment
  • Transmission of digital as-built files for a liaison with maintenance and operating teams


  • New-build/renovation projects
  • Expertise in wood construction, from the design phase (through our wood expertise centre) to the construction phase (through our specially trained teams) and on all projects (lifting/extension, external wall insulation, modular, layout/planning, etc.)
  • Expertise in the construction of high buildings
  • Renovation of historic heritage
  • Building sites with minimum pollution and a low environmental impact, respecting our societal commitments (insertion, diversity, etc.)
  • Dialogue with all the stakeholders in order to ensure the project’s local anchorage

Maintenance and operation

  • Technical management of the building, consumption management and control
  • Support for users in getting acquainted with the delivered project
  • Guarantee of operational costs
  • Development of new services linked to uses (safety, food services, etc.)

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