Partner invested in startups


Construction Venture is the arm of Bouygues Construction focusing on startups specialised in energy transition, industrialisation and digitalisation for the construction industry.

The goal is to identify innovative disruptors with the potential to become strategic partners and transform technology into products and services in anticipation of industry developments.
Construction Venture creates synergies so that Bouygues Construction can provide trailblazing solutions for the entire construction industry.

We identify use cases in the construction industry that match the startups’ solutions to accelerate their growth and add value to their business. Construction Venture also invests as a minority shareholder depending on the project.


Our goal

« Construction Venture aims to build a more sustainable, innovative, and productive future for our customers, teams, and our industry by collaborating and investing in startups. 
Together we aim to solve the challenges we face today and discover opportunities for tomorrow. »

Aidan Halter
Head of Construction Venture
Tailored actions to achieve common goals

Over 300 startups supported since 2016

Over 50 thematic studies with startup ecosystem perspective

Between 100K and €2m invested per startup

10 investments since 2017 supported by Bouygues Développement

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Transform your project into reality with our team: 

Team has operational experience in the construction industry, in establishing partnerships and in business development. She works closely with her partners to accelerate joint progress with Construction Venture.

Supported by the full force of Bouygues Construction, Construction Venture offers startups the access they require to its market, ecosystem, experts and infrastructure.


We support

Hesus is the European leader in offering sustainable solutions to manage waste and earth close to worksites.


SPIX Industry (previously SIMSOFT Industry) offers a unique operational solution using smart voice assistance for your industrial processes.


Dawex is a B2B data exchange and monetisation platform. Dawex is used to strengthen and smooth data exchange between economic players in creating an environment based on trust by making transactions more technically, regulatively and contractually secure.


PowiDian designs, installs and maintains intelligent autonomous energy power stations that produce non-polluting energy, constantly and affordably.


Lextan designs, integrates and sells remote driving solutions for smart vehicles, specialising in transporting goods.


MORPHOSENSE is a patented technological solution for monitoring 3D deformation and 3-axis vibrations in facilities.


BLIC, the digitalized box dedicated to construction sites which reinvents, makes reliable and secure: the reception of deliveries, the collection of returns, transfers and temporary storage.


Octopus Lab deploys software solutions to predict indoor air quality. In the design phase, INDALO is a decision support tool to improve construction choices. In the operating phase, INDALO Supervision anticipates and avoids air pollution episodes while improving the building's energy performance.