A player specializing in the stability
and longevity of major structures

As a specialist in post-tensioned and cable-stayed structures, foundations and ground engineering, VSL contributes to the construction, maintenance and repair of major engineered structures, to guarantee performance, safety and durability.

  • Supply and installation of the stay cable system, Queensferry Crossing cable-stayed bridge, United Kingdom. ©Flip Photography
  • Ground engineering and foundations, Tuen Mun–Chek Lap Kok Link Road, Honk Kong. ©DR
  • Guia El Pagador repairs, Canary Islands, Spain. ©VSL
  • Precasting of the concrete wind towers, San Gabriel wind farm, Chile. ©VSL
  • Lifting of the sky bridge of the Address Residence Sky View, Dubai, Emirats Arabes Unis. ©CAPA
  • Erection of the bridge spans and post-tensioning, Line 1 of the Ho Chi Minh City metro, Vietnam. ©Laurent Wargon
  • Post-tensioning MahaNaknon tower, Thaïland. ©Francois Deguent
  • Geotechnical works, C1 package High Speed 2 (HS2), United Kingdom. ©HS2 Ltd
  • Diaphragm walls and special foundations, Melbourne Metro Tunnel, Australia. ©Christian Pearson

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Every structure – bridge, tunnel, building, wind tower… – carries loads and is subjected to ongoing forces that can lead to material deformation or failure. This is why the critical areas of structures must be strengthened and the behaviour of the ground that supports them needs to be controlled.
VSL operates in transport infrastructures (bridges, tunnels, roads), buildings, industrial and energy-producing structures (facilities, wind farms, nuclear plants, dams, LNG tanks, etc.).
With a permanent presence in 25 countries, VSL is the most international subsidiary of Bouygues Construction.

Four key markets

Technologies for durable structures: the origins of VSL – which stands for Vorspann System Losinger, the name of its first wire prestressing system patented in 1954: this area gathers VSL’s expertise and know-how in concrete post-tensioned and cable-stayed structures, as well as R&D and the constant improvement of its in-house technologies.

Civil works: VSL helps its clients to the design, construction of engineered structures such as bridge decks, containment structures, concrete wind towers and also heavy lifting in complex areas.

Foundations and ground engineering: leveraging on the expertise of its subsidiary Intrafor Hong Kong, VSL gets involved at an early stage in all the geotechnical processes of a construction project in order to guarantee the durability of structures (tunnels, bridges, industrial buildings, harbours, airports, etc.). Its domains of expertise include ground investigation and analysis; improvement and reinforcement of soils; retaining structures; deep foundations.

Asset preservation, structural repairs and upgrade: VSL offers tailored services to suit any structure’s life cycle, from inspections and assessment through to repair works and upgrading.


Turning even the most complex schemes into reality

VSL’s objective and DNA rely on its ability to understand the structure as a whole, including its environment and use, in order to propose and deliver the best technical solutions to turn even the most complex schemes into reality.

The strength of VSL comes from a 360° approach, which combines engineering and efficient construction methods, structural systems and technologies, and project execution.

VSL has 3,800 employees worldwide.

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