The Connected Sleeve:

The Connected Sleeve:

The Connected Sleeve: Bringing connected items onto a worksite

Bouygues Construction, Suez, Air Liquide and the CEA ( French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) have pooled their expertise and are taking advantage of the progress made in new technologies to develop the “connected operator” project: various smart devices which will help carry out the day-to-day tasks on a worksite, in complete safety.

What exactly is the connected sleeve? 

This portable device is worn on the forearm and is compatible with gloves. It is an addition to the already existing range of personal protective equipment (PPE) (vest, goggles, safety shoes, ear plugs and environmental sensors).
The interactive features mean it can be used for all worksite tasks. It guides, informs and assists users in real time, on the field. It is also an innovative tool for communication, teamwork and to improve efficiency, while keeping the hands free, and can be used in any weather conditions.
With this device, the user can also access site maps, locate equipment and exchange information remotely, especially safety alerts. 

Making work easier on-site

In the construction sector, it has become essential to turn to digital practices, to reinvent the profession, help the industry progress and to simplify on-site tasks that can be time-consuming. There is no single way to approach this conversion to digital means, but one thing is certain: people are at the heart of this transformation. 
The connected sleeve allows users to understand their environment, to be more productive, agile and makes their working life more pleasurable, in complete safety. 

Health and Safety at the heart of all our projects 

Bouygues Construction, Suez, Air Liquide and the CEA have worked together to design other modular and adaptive digital tools, for the various professions, to equip the “connected operator”:
a vest fitted with sensors to analyse the air for example,
safety glasses with an in-built camera,
safety shoes that are fitted with a GPS device.
The partners worked together to design this new equipment, and the project is in keeping with the health and safety commitments adhered to by all companies of the group.