Chernobyl- Cinematic of the Confinement Shelter


NOVARKA, a 50/50 joint venture formed by VINCI Construction Grands Projets (leader) and Bouygues Travaux Publics, is currently building a new safe confinement over the Unit 4 reactor at Chernobyl, which exploded on 26 April 1986.

Cinematic index

TC 0 to 0’15: Work began by cleaning and clearing the assembly area. Two wide trenches were dug on either side of the reactor to house the longitudinal beams used for the arch foundations. The assembly area was backfilled to an average depth of one metre using clean material and covered with concrete slabs. (Early 2010 to April 2012)

TC 0’15 to 0’30: The first arch structure segments were pre-assembled on the ground in the assembly area. The construction of the arch began with the upper section. The segments were interconnected with bracing before the cladding was fitted on the central section. The secondary arch elements were then connected to the central section using a hinge system. (April 2012 to November 2012)

TC 0’35 to 0’37: First lifting operation. (November 2012)

TC 0’37 to 0’47: Second lifting operation (June 2013)

TC 0’47 to 0’58: The east side wall was installed then the third lifting operation was completed. (September 2013)

TC 0’58 to 1’01: The now completed first half of the arch was pushed to its waiting position. (April 2014)

TC 1’01 to 1’21: The second half of the arch was assembled in the same three operations as the first half. (April-October 2014)

TC 1’21 to 1’28: The two halves of the arch were interconnected. (October 2015)

TC 1’28 to 1’36: The overhead bridge cranes and arch equipment were installed while installation work on the ventilation and systems continued inside the arch. (November 2015)

TC 1’36 to 1’43: The arch is pushed over the object shelter and the damaged reactor will then then be completely isolated from the outside world. (Estimate: November 2016)

TC 1’43 to 2’10: Images of the arch in its final position.

© Novarka
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