The core aim of Bouygues Construction is to support its co-workers while also being vigilant about everybody getting the same chances to develop regardless of their background, as well as ensuring that people enjoy a good work-life balance.

Bouygues Construction prioritises diversity and inclusion

Bouygues Construction has four priority focus areas: disability access, diversity of background, diversity of educational attainment, and diversity of social origins.
Each of these priority areas forms the centre-piece of a comprehensive action plan that encompasses training, awareness-raising, monitoring numerical indicators, and concrete actions that are undertaken in as close proximity to employees as possible.

Quality of Life at Work: Employee Wellbeing as a Key Priority

Bouygues Construction has launched an initiative designed to adapt work within the business to cultural, societal and generational changes.
The initiative has many objectives: to sustainably improve performance whilst also enhancing the social climate, and ensuring that workers enjoy good health and well-being. Workers also have the opportunity to be involved in the Group’s cultural and managerial transformation, thereby reinforcing its appeal and building sustainable relationships between business partners.    

Diversity and Quality of Life at Work: Bouygues Construction’s Ambition and Performance
  • The proportion of recruitment of women managers in the support sectors has reached 48% in the operational sectors
  • The proportion of female managers recruited has been constant since 2012 at 22% through the company’s actions particularly with female students, and the group aims to reach 30% in the longer term.
  • To be committed and responsible is also about promoting diversity within all our sectors. Since January 2019, companies have been invited to measure their performance in the area of professional equality and publish the results of their “Gender equality index”. By the end of 2021, all Bouygues Construction’s workforce scope in France had a score of at least 75 points. To see all our indexes, click here
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The women’s network Welink is the first women’s network in the construction sector. This demonstrates Bouygues Construction's desire to promote professional development. The network has a presence in France and at international level too, and draws on a network of around forty women. A range of events are held throughout the year including coaching mentoring workshops, themed conferences, sporting events open to all, and customer events.



Bouygues Construction receives recognition for 2021 as Top Employers France & Europe. This certification also covers our entities in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Poland and the Czech Republic.

As well as recognising our HR policy as embracing a culture of exchange and sharing expertise, this award celebrates our health and safety initiatives, and the priority we give to ensuring the best possible working conditions for our employees.


Since 2020, Bouygues Construction set up "#meandyoutoo" self-test, where all employees have the chance to put their knowledge of disability at work to the test, in just a few clicks, and get rid of any prejudices. This awareness-raising and information process is supported by a monthly appointment for questions to be answered confidentially, and nomination of disability advisors in each of the group's entities to help employees throughout the year. A disability committee regularly brings all the advisors together to determine what actions to implement according to the needs identified by employees.