Health and security

By making Health and Safety a structuring and differentiating part of our ethos, Bouygues Construction is taking a proactive approach, aimed at encouraging our partners in the sector (suppliers, subcontractors, temporary employment agencies) to move towards the setting up of industry-wide standards.

While the construction industry is never without risk, Bouygues Construction cannot accept that it is inevitable. We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of everyone present on our sites, and this is an absolute priority for the Group. Throughout all our operations, the requirement is the same - irrespective of time or place: “Zero Accident”.

Health and Safety Considerations at the Heart of Projects

In addition to this global policy, daily onsite safety routines help to anticipate and avoid risks. The main actions taken include: a morning warm-up, a safety briefing prior to starting a job, and the "STOP" rule, which means that work ceases on site in the event of any employee flagging up even a weak signal of a potentially hazardous situation.

The Group's Health and Safety approach is deployed across all our construction sites, premises, and subsidiaries, by means of a worldwide network of 500 prevention specialists. Field work supported by research and development actions has led to the emergence of digital tools, virtual reality, ergonomists and safety researchers.

"It is our duty to be exemplary in this respect everywhere we operate. It is our responsibility, towards our employees and all those who work on our operations, to ensure a serene and safe working environment. At the end of a day's work, everyone must be able to go back home in good shape. This ambition, to which the company attaches the greatest importance, has been embedded in our ADN since our inception. We seek to see it firmly   anchored in everyone's minds and in all processes. "

Philippe Fornage
Health and Safety Director, Bouygues Construction in 2022
Health and Safety: Bouygues Construction’s Ambition and Performance

Employee safety is of the utmost importance to Bouygues Construction. The group has a single, permanent policy on all its sites: ‘Zero Accidents.’

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Across 80 countries, no fewer than 10,000 sites and 100,000 participants (50,000 employees and 50,000 subcontractors) temporarily downed tools on June 13, 2017, for World Health and Safety Day, as part an exceptional event to highlight the "Zero Accident" objective.


On the theme of fundamental safety rules, this international campaign, consisting of 12 posters translated into 17 languages, raises awareness on the Group's commitment to Health and Safety in the 80 countries in which it operates.