Bouygues Construction is a worldwide name in construction and services. Our skills and expertise make us the leader in sustainable construction.
Present in sixty countries, with our 56,980 employees, we are making a long-term commitment to serve our clients, thus contributing to building a better life.
Bouygues Construction is involved in the building trade, infrastructures and the industry, with the aim of being worldwide name positioned on every link in the construction value chain.

Bouygues Construction is a company that is present in all building trade sectors: housing, office

Bouygues Construction has developed its expertise in river and maritime works, highway structures

Thanks to its specialised subsidiaries in the energy and services sector, Bouygues Construction 

Bouygues Construction designs global offers, from the financing to the operation of works.


Bouygues Construction, the leader in sustainable construction for the building, infrastructure and industry sectors aims to become a global player at every stage of the value chain. From lead up to post-project management, our objective is to ensure our clients, partners and stakeholders benefit from digitization and shared innovation.