Open innovation: a win-win relationship

02/24/2015 | News

Open innovation: a win-win relationship

Open innovation: a win-win relationship
Bouygues Construction is opening up its innovation process to external partners such as companies and industrial players, public structures, researchers and universities, start-ups, etc. The aim is to better meet the challenges of its markets and adapt to an increasingly interconnected and evolutive world. This is the age of open innovation!

"We are bringing together the best internal and external experts to boost the efficiency of our research efforts and find operational solutions which will make the difference. We are in a win-win relationship: our partners need our knowledge in the field, and of clients and users to technically validate their product and speed up its market launch, and we need their skills to bring our projects to life and differentiate our offers." Trino Beltran, Director of Research Innovation & Partnerships at Bouygues Construction

In 2015, Bouygues Construction chose five themes for its open-innovation efforts: sustainable neighbourhoods, connected buildings and infrastructures, environmental impact (life cycle analysis, low carbon construction), breakthrough technologies (energy production and storage, digital tools) and the human aspect (health and safety, usage studies, etc.).


Partners throughout the entire value chain of construction



Gérald Gismondi, Director of Manu Lorraine
"We are deploying an energy-recovery mechanism for excavation machinery called eco’nergy. In 2010, we organised a first test with DTP which was not conclusive because our system was adapted to handling machines but not to excavation machinery. We worked for two years to develop our product and adapt it to excavation machinery. And it was a success, because this year DTP will equip fifty or so 45-ton production shovels with this mechanism. We even received the partnership award in the 2014 Bouygues Construction Innovation competition."



Marc Ricci, CEO and Co-Founder of Crosslux
"We are currently in the pre-industrialization phase of a one-of-a-kind photovoltaic panel project. We have just signed a three-year partnership with Bouygues Construction which will allow us to integrate our solution on pilot buildings very soon. Working with a partner like Bouygues Construction was crucial to the international success of our project."



Lionnel Joussemet, Co-Founder of Diotasoft Diotasoft
"We work with Bouygues Construction on developing increased reality solutions adapted to the Group’s projects in terms of digital model visualization. For us, working with Bouygues Construction is the chance to design and develop our solutions according to industrial requirements and to confront them with on-the-ground operational realities. It also allows us to fully implement our product strategy and give real commercial potential to our innovative solutions for the construction industry."



Benjamin Ulrich, CEO of Intent
"We have just successfully completed a first connected building worksite with the subsidiary Norpac using our software platform to distribute an energy management service package. This service is available on the web, mobiles and tablets and is aimed at construction professionals (social housing providers, maintenance companies, etc.) and the population. We are delighted to be part of this innovation drive alongside Bouygues Construction. Start-ups like ours need to work with big companies in order to be taken seriously and confirm their development in the existing ecosystem."

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