Start-ups, let’s build the future together!

10/16/2015 | News

Start-ups, let’s build the future together!

  • Matching up Bouygues Construction
  • Matching up Bouygues Construction
  • Matching up Bouygues Construction
  • Matching up Bouygues Construction
In the Building and Civil Works sector too, open innovation is working. With Matching Up, Bouygues Construction invites start-ups to co-construct and co-develop innovations that shape the construction and services sector of tomorrow. Let's take a closer look at this new program, which is open to all start-ups around the world and currently in the midst of its first two calls for projects.

What if we were a match?

Looking to test your business model or your prototype under real conditions? Want to assess your customer’s needs? Or, are you simply looking to expand your business prospects with Bouygues Construction teams and subsidiaries around the world?

For our part, we’re looking to open up our innovation process to SMEs, start-ups and other innovative structures to better meet challenges in our markets. We especially want to create partnerships with companies involved in sustainable construction, breakthrough technologies, sustainable and smart eco-neighbourhoods.

Join us to help develop what we have not yet imagined and what you have not yet been able to experience.

A unique opportunity!

Matching Up gives you the unique opportunity to collaborate with our “Game Changers”. Operational staff or stakeholders at Bouygues Construction R&D, they can bring you business insight to better design your innovation and gain quick access to specific projects in order to test it. Convinced of their disruptive value for the construction and services of tomorrow, they can also become true ambassadors at your side.

The program in three steps

1. Spark: Declare your love

On, formalize your application and upload your pitch video and your presentation file

2. Meet: You are spotted by a Group employee

You have two months to create an effective pair, reflect, exchange, and set-up a future collaboration.

3. Build : It’s the big day

Co-innovate with Bouygues Construction with a co-development project, an experimentation or a commercial partnership! If your project is among the bests, come and present it with your Bouygues partner during the Start-Up Minute Meeting and makeyour pitch in front of 300 workers and decision makers of Bouygues Construction.

The two calls for projects offered through 1 December 2015

The sustainable and smart neighbourhood

At the time of the driverless car and sharing economy, the city is meant to be connected, ecological and responsible. Comfort, mobility, healthcare, and communications -no matter the topic, present the innovations that put people at the heart of tomorrow’s neighbourhood.

Revolutionise the act of construction

Build differently, better, and cheaper. From 3D printing to innovative materials to new design tools, present your innovations to revolutionise traditional construction methods!

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